Meet The DV Radio Family

Welcome To The DV Radio Family! This is where you'll find the organizations and Veteran Owned Businesses that we work closely with and know will be there for you to answer questions, help with resources, and maybe solve a problem or two if your smart-phone's calculator goes down.

The DV Farm, located in Keene, NH, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit which is owned and operated by Veterans. The DV Farm operates solely on donations from the public with no state or government assistance. Its mission is to take homeless Veterans and help get them back into a daily routine and [if needed] get them through their rehab. The program combines housing & nutrition along with animal assisted therapy, a structured work schedule, and the camaraderie of fellow vets working together to reintegrate back into civilian life.

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Disgruntled Vets is a group of American loving patriots and Veterans who are Disgruntled with the status quo. They aim to create a high standard in their products through  motivation determination and a little bit of  whiskey. We have a "sibling" like relationship with these assholes. You may think we hate each other, at times, but we love one another and have the other one's Six no  matter what kind of fruity flavored tropical girly  beverage they drink with umbrellas.

PTSDog: Post Traumatic Stress disorder and the service Dog is a book about Service Dogs, Disabled Veterans, PTSD, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Author Joaquin Juatai is writing PTSDog as the go-to resource for people who need to understand the law, understand how Service Dogs work, or just want to read the stories of the Disabled Veterans who use them. Through interviews and photos with other PTSDog handlers, Juatai is painting a picture of the challenges these handlers face in their day-to-day lives, and how their dogs provide effective support to help enable them to overcome their disabilities.

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K Bar Soap Company is a veteran owned business (Marine, of course...) and the only all natural soap option you'll ever need-Ditch the bar, grab a grenade. The K Bar Soap Co offers soaps that are presented in the shape of a grenade, and have scents that active, rough living men will naturally gravitate to. This is an all natural cold-process soap made in small batches to keep a superior quality standard. Scents like Whiskey and Bad Decisions, Firewatch, Chest Candy, and Salt Dog will be available with different cleansing properties. With more scents coming out throughout 2017.

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LS Whiskey & Bad Decisions

Break.Break.Break.---Our best selling recipe just got a million times better. We are now exclusively using straight 'Merica loving Leadslingers Whiskey and all the gun toting, bald eagle warrior screaming glory that comes with it, in these bars of soap.

K Bar Pick 6

Can't figure out which one to try, or maybe the 4 pack option isn't enough for you? Why not grab a six pack and pass some out to your friends. Based on feedback, this option should last you at least 4-5 months should you keep them all to yourself.


This bar ain't no joke, it has more 'Merica per ounce than any other soap known to all of mankind, period.  Instead of waking up to some asshole yelling at you, how about roll out of bed and scrub your ass with some BRCC and make the day your B*tch.

We're ecstatic to say that DV Radio works and collaborates with the founder/creator of SOSRA, David Libby. Starting as just weekends in his garage, he learned the "ins & outs" of music. From vocals to instrumentals, David knows what he wants. SOSRA isn't just another Veteran band instead, it's a Veteran band that wants people that know, want to learn, or improve their artful craft. It isn't about recognition or a "Rock Star life". It's about having an out that you love and wanting others to be able to contribute and letting those that just want to listen hear a new flavor with an "old school" feel.

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Stay Updated By Liking, Sharing & Following On Their Social Media!

From the heart that brought you SOSRA, Warrior Service was also founded by David Libby. Warrior Service was founded with the ultimate goal of a "one stop shop" for Veterans. From transitional housing with a farm to work shops combined with co-locating other nonprofit veterans, Warrior Service is making its way to getting a facility to accomplish this and more. This will also include the immediate family members and/or caregivers! Every Veteran is different when it comes to needs and the Veterans participating in Warrior Service will not only drive it, but also help to shape what it grows into. The Warrior Service future outline will include things such-as; outdoor adventures, music composition, wood/metal working, hydroponics, livestock, and many more amazing accoutrements that [not only] will help the Veteran while at the WS facility but also, in the "outside" [civlian] world.

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