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SOSRA & Warrior Service were started by 20-Year Army Veteran, David Libby.

Warrior Service
Started to assist military veterans to reconnect with their lives, purpose, and meaning. This will all be done by the establishment of a "Warrior Service Center". The facility will be designed to co-locate military veteran services for veterans, their immediate family members and/or caregivers. Warrior Service will be a "one stop shopping" for services provided by businesses, non-profit organizations, county, state and federal governments with liaisons to assist in the navigation and pursuit of benefits and services.
Starting as a weekend get together in his garage, goofing off and letting loose with friends, they began learning the ropes of playing music. As vocalist and song writer - David found very quickly that he could take personal and friends' experiences and translate them into something powerful that resonated with others.
A percentage of the money brought in from the full album release will go to the non profit organization warriorservice.org, a non profit organization designed to service military veterans and their families.